Friday, January 6, 2012

Felt & Fabric Flowers with Feathers Wreath in a Frame

Tongue twister!
No, that's not why I put an F on my wreath...
just coincidental. Haha! ;) Our last name is Foster.
Here's a little tutorial I've put together for ya. Complete with instructions/links on how to make each flower on this baby.
This is the finished product.
This is what it looked like before I decided to add a little to it. I thought it needed more presence.
I've been told I can't leave well enough alone. Oh well!
 THIS is what it looked like yesterday when I got it.
I intercepted it as it was destined for the thrift store.
I couldn't wait to transform it!
 I peeled off it's pink tinsel layers and found the wreath to be like new!
I loved that one part was thicker than the rest, too! Perfect place to put the flowers.
 I wrapped it in 2" wide black satin ribbon,
 gathered my fabric/felt/ribbon/feather scraps,
 and made these flowers.
The tutorials for these are
HERE (Big Ruffled Silver one),
HERE (Two-toned Red & Black ones),
HERE (Black Petal one on far left)
HERE (Small Rolled Rosettes), and
HERE (Fluffy, Loopy Felt ones).
 I hot glued them right on the ribbon.
 Here are all the flowers on it.
 Then I added the feathers.
 This was originally the finished product.
By the way,
HERE's a tutorial on how to turn your regular, short, plain dollar store wreath hanger into this ribbon hanger.
But then I decided I wanted to add an "F" for Foster.
So, I (very sloppily) cut it out of some pre-used foam core.
 The pics uploaded sideways. Oh well.
I wrapped it in torn fabric strips,
 then added a flower and some feathers.
 I glued the F onto the wreath, and hot-glued the wreath onto an empty picture frame.
 And now it hangs on my door.

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