Friday, January 6, 2012

Easy Ribbon Wreath Hanger Tutorial

 How to lengthen your TOO-SHORT, boring dollar store metal wreath hanger and turn it into a ribbon hanger. Easy.

 Much cuter, don't you think?
First, put a little glue on the top and attach a piece of ribbon (wider than your hanger).
 Next, straighten  out the "hook" part of the hanger.
 Put a dab of glue near the bottom of the hanger and stretch the same ribbon onto it.
Now, loop the end through your wreath/frame.
 Glue the end of the ribbon on to the back of the hanger.
 Turn it over and glue a bow on the front.
That's it!

You can make it as long as you want it!
Happy Crafting!
Click HERE for tutorial on how to make this wreath.

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