Friday, January 6, 2012

Ruffled, Singed-edge Fabric Flower Tutorial

This is one of my FAVORITE fabric flowers ever!
For this one in the picture, I used taffeta, but you can use any fabric that will singe.
First, you tear a 2" strip. I probably used about 24" in length for this big flower here.
Singe the edges...only be kinda messy about it.
 I love the rustic look of these edges! Especially when made into a flower!
 Next, sew a basting stitch down the center. Don't worry if you're off a little.
I think it looks better with a little irregularity to it-- more natural. Ya know?
Now gather it.
 Fold it in half length-wise, using the stitching as your fold-line. I folded the gray sides together. You can lightly iron it if you have a hard time keeping your fold together.
Now, put a dab of glue on your starting edge, and coil it to form a center.
 Continue to glue and coil until desired size is reached. Glue bottom of flower to a felt keep it clean and give it a little extra integrity.
Done! Fancy, eh? I especially love two-sided fabrics for these!
Click HERE if you'd like to see what I ended up making with these.