Monday, February 6, 2012

Repurpose baby blankets

I made myself a blankie. Yep, this one's mine. All my kids have their own "snuggle" blankies. I thought it was about time I made one for me! 
It's extra special to me because I made it out of my youngest daughter's crib bedding. I didn't feel the need to keep all that bulky bedding around, but it was still sentimental to me. So I reluctantly cut it allllll up.
I couldn't find a picture of her bedding, so I found this one, which is pretty close.
I got this image from-

 I actually bought her set at Target about 4 years ago. Does anyone remember the cute Lola dots and stripes collection? Loved it.
Still do. :)

I cut it into 10" squares, arranged and sewed them together, backed it with pink Soft & Comfy Bubble Velour (A.K.A. Minky), and tied it with white string. I didn't even use batting. It really didn't need it (I live in a very warm climate, though. If you DO want to add batting for warmth, I suggest Warm & White Cotton).

NOW, you should go & dig up those old blankets and get workin'! :)


Krista said...

Great Idea! I have never thought of this and after 5 kids, it would be so nice to cuddle up in the memories. They grow up too fast what a great way to stay warm in love! Thanks super cute

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