Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's MINUTE TO WIN IT game printable

So, I was searching for a fun Valentine's activity for my son's class and found this cute Minute to win it idea from Pinterest! Yay! That will be perfect for my "center's" activity. Here's the blog with the original idea. She has a printable, too. But I changed mine a bit because I didn't totally understand what to do on the math part. Hehe. Anyway, I thought I'd share incase someone else wants to use it.
To use image: Right-click on it and "save picture as..." name it and save it somewhere you'll remember. Open a word document and insert image. Re-size to fit your page. If you'd like a better quality copy, leave a comment with your email and I'd be happy to send the pdf (since I'm not really very technically savvy and don't know how to upload a printable pdf on my blog yet). ;)

TO SET UP- Place one piece of licorice, one Pixie Stick, and a Hershey's kiss each in their designated spot on the page. Pour 25 M&Ms into a small container and set in front of contestant.
TO PLAY THE GAME- Set a timer for a minute aaaaaaaaand, GO!
1. Fill each circle with an M&M.
2. How may of each color are there?
3. Open a Hershey's kiss with one hand, eat it, and put the garbage in it's spot.
4. Empty pixie stick onto heart.
5. Bite ends off of licorice and blow pixie powder outside of the heart.
DONE! How'd you do?

1. Use two hands instead of one on #3 above.
2. Skip #5 all together and have the child blow a "do-do-DO" in their licorice to signal the timer's stop.
Much less messy and helps out on the time.

We did this in my son's class and let me tell ya, they LOVED it!!!

Thanks so much, Stacy Julian, for your super fun idea!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Okay, so after actually playing the game, I realized the spot for the licorice was too small and it actually took 2 minutes to accomplish all that. Either that, or I'm just really slow. Haha! Anyway, I decided to fix my page. So here's the new 2 MINUTE TO WIN IT page! Also, I added a spot for the contestant's name, and their time. I gave a special prize to the kid with the fastest time... which was 1:22!



Shelbi said...

Thank you!!

Krista said...

Hey Lady you won the book on my blog, email me your address or set up a time to come over and get it! Congrats
My email

And I love this can't wait to play it. Thanks

Max and Deborah said...

Would you please send me the PDF of your minute to win it, and your articles of faith. Thank you. They look fun, and I am going to add it to the Easter games our ward is going to do. Thanks again.

Max and Deborah said...

Would you please send me the PDF of your minute to win it, and your articles of faith. Thank you. They look fun, and I am going to add it to the Easter games our ward is going to do. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this activity. Could you please send me the pdf to my school email? Thanks again for sharing with all of us!

Lisa Gilbert said...

Can you send me the PDF file at

Thanks so much,.

msdeborah said...

Can u please send me a pdf thanks. using this for a date night at my school

CarreyinKY said...

Can you kindly send me the minute to win it PDF. Like you, I like this math version better! Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks much,

Heather said...

Can you please send me the PDF. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Can you please send me the pdf for this file. Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I did notice a typo. Instead of typing "bite OFF ends..." you have "bite OF ends...." Could you please make a correction and repost an updated version?

Anonymous said...

Can I get the PDF as well? The image is a little blurry to print. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great activity. Can you send me the PDF?

Anonymous said...

Could you also send me the PDF? The picture is too blurry when you print it. Thank you!
- Kelli

Anonymous said...

Great job, love this!! Can i have an emailed PDF too? Pretty please!?! Thanks! -Danya

Anonymous said...

I love this!
Could you send me the PDF

Ned's Fam said...

love it! could you send me pdf of both minute and 2 minute...
thanks a ton!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great activity for Valentine's Day. . . my students are sure to love it!!

Please send the PDF--it's going to look great printed on pink paper.


Beth said...

If you have a chance could you email the PDF to beth at Would be perfect for my son's third grade party! Thanks for your consideration!

Melissa said...

If you are still emailing the PDF to people I would love for you to send it to: the kids in my daughters class would love this! Thank you for updating and sharing!!!!

mommy of 3 said...

Would you be willing to help me? I'd love to have this as a PDF file and I am VERY familiar with saving the image and printing it that way, but this is for a birthday party "invite". I'd love the valentine's day wording to say "Tyson's 8th Birthday" and I'd love M&Ms to be changes to skittles. I tried to insert a text box onto your words and make the changes myself, but your spacing is too small and the text box winds up covering the other words. His party is this Friday. YIKES.

Mom said...

Thank you for sharing! Could you please send the pdf copies of the minute to win it valentines (and the two minute to win it) and if you have time the articles of faith? Thank you in advance!

Laurie Hill said...

this is a great activity, could you please send me this file. Thank you again

Deven and Britany Dicus said...

Could I get the PDF of the minute to win it game please? This will be so fun for our family valentines dinner! Thanks!

Deven and Britany Dicus said...

Sorry forgot to leave my email address :)
Thanks again!