Thursday, February 17, 2011

Easy Choco-mallow Pops

These are a PERFECT little item to make with your kids. It's so fun & easy!
All you need is:
Shaped marshmallows, Pretzel sticks, & Chocolate chips.
You can top with sprinkles if you have them.
Take a bag of shaped marshmallows (we used the strawberry-
flavored hearts for Valentine's Day), and stick a pretzel
 in the bottom of the marchmallow.
Dip them in melted chocolate chips. You can't go wrong here.
Just shake off excess chocolate, and...
Place on wax paper and top with sprinkles. Cool & enjoy.
*Tip: If you like the taste of Charleston Chews, try leaving
your pretzel-stuck marshmallows out un-covered over-night
(or two) and dip in chocolate. It makes 'em chewier. Yum!
These are a quick, inexpensive activity/treat you can make for any holiday. Just buy the current holiday marshmallow shapes & top with corresponding holiday sprinkles.

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