Thursday, February 17, 2011

East 2-step Firefly Murals

I wanted to come up with a fun, gender-neutral decor for my kid's playroom. I was inspired by Stampin' Up's (retired) Bold Butterfly set shown HERE. Except, I wanted dragon flies instead. I though they were so cute & just KNEW they'd be perfect on our playroom walls.

Wow! I just noticed how much the green background varies on different walls in varied light & shadows!
Looks like 4 separate shades!
Okay, here you go:
Step 1- Draw (with pencil) an outline of the wings & a small circle for a head.
                 Paint inside your lines (DON'T worry about perfection)!
Step 2- Using a darker color, outline your shapes making sure to not follow
                 them exactly. Darken where needed. You're DONE!
The cool thing about using this technique, is that it's NOT supposed to be perfect! Notice the darker outline shouldn't line up with the lighter shape. That's what makes it look so cool. In fact, if I were to do it again, I'd make the outlines even more intentionally off-kilter.
Go ahead & try this! It was so much fun!
Here's the view you see when you walk into the room. A futon
is a great choice for a playroom if you'd like to be able to use
your room for guests & sleep-overs. It's also perfect to sit
on while watching movies!
Ug. I think I need a new clock for the wall.
View of the window (notice the fireflies in the fabric)
& closet (where aaaaaaaaall the toys are).

Here's the TV & bedroom door.

Here's the view of their little media center. We love the armoire
computer desk which can be kept closed when
not in use (in case of wire-crazy toddlers).

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