Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweetheart Salad

I made this salad for my family for our first course on Valentine's Day.
What says V-day more than a naturally heart-shaped strawberry?
To make the strawberry hearts, just core them (kind of
deeply), and slice in to 1/4 inch hearts. Place on top of
whatever you think might need a little love. ;)
Salad -
Washed Spinach
Red leaf lettuce
Chopped cucumber
Shaved Carrots
Diced Tomatoes
Broccoli florets
Chopped ham or canadian bacon

Peach Balsamic Vinegarette-
1 Italian Dressing pouch
Balsamic vinegar (according to directions)
Olive oil (according to directions)
4 Tbsp. peach jam (or any flavor you like)

Easy, but delicious!

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gbagley74 said...

This looks so good, I have to make it! Thanks:)