Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm gonna blog about a frog...

THIS frog. Who says Valentine boxes have to be boxes? And GREEN is a perfect color for the occasion, right? Well, it works for us!

Here he is! He looks love sick, doesn't he?
Lift his tongue to open his mouth.
Take a clean, empty can. Hot glue
the lid on.

Trace your can on to the center of a
piece of card stock. Any color will
do; it won't be seen (here's an
opportunity to re-purpose).

Draw legs & eyes. Line up a second
sheet underneath it.

Cut both pieces of card stock out.
Cut the eyes off one of them.

Using those pieces, trace and cut out
4 green felt legs and one set of eyes.
Set aside for later.
(I marked the fronts & backs of
these, but did it on the wrong
sides! Use a pin to mark it so you
don't make my same mistake!)
Okay, now you're ready to roll. Lay your can down on to a piece of felt. Roll it like you would if you were wrapping a gift and cut it AT LEAST a half an inch too big on both sides. Glue it on using a hot glue gun. Overlap the felt on the circumference of the can... just a little.

Glue the extra felt down on
to the rim. Do the same the
plastic lid on the other side.

Now take your circle w/ legs and cut a piece of felt about an
inch bigger around the cut-out. Cut slits all the way around
and start gluing one tab down at a time, gently pulling it in
the direction needed to make it straight against the sides.

This is kind of what it'll look like.

Glue on one pair of legs to cover tabs.
 Line it up as evenly as you can.

Now glue his cute bum to the bottom of the can.
Add a heart.

To cut the mouth out, pinch the
center of the felt and cut to make a
hole to start from.

Do the same thing you did with the backside, to the front.
Wait to glue the inside of the mouth in the next step.
Glue the head onto the plastic lid side of the can. Make
sure it lines up the same as the back (so it stands okay).

NOW, glue the mouth tabs to the inside of the plastic lid.
Glue the remaining legs & eyes onto the back of the head. 

Now, it's ready for YOUR creativity!
Make a mouth at least 1/2" bigger than the hole. Glue
on at the TOP OF MOUTH ONLY!
Add whatever you want now!

"Feed me"!
 That's it! It's not too difficult, but is a little time-consuming. It's worth the effort, though! Let me know if you come up with your own version of this! I'd love to see it!

Here are a few more ideas!
We made the puppy out of a baby formula can. The love
bug is made from a frosting container. Instead of a flap, I
made that one so the whole lid (face) can come on & off.



Ladybird Ln said...

So that has got to be the cutest valentines box I have ever seen, period! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, I really do appreciate it! You have such a fun blog! I am your newest follower, I would love a follow back if you would like.

Anonymous said...

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Jeannie said...

I ran across your blog looking for a panda Valentine's box for my son. I just made one for him following the frog instructions and the panda example. Thank you for posting this. I was getting discouraged.