Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Teacher Supply Cake

 Ok, so I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest! Can you tell? Haha! I love it! No shame!
Anyway, I was looking for some cute ideas for my son's teacher. I'm a room mom in Mrs. Olson's class, and we missed her birthday (it was near the beginning of the school year), so I decided we'd surprise her with an UN-birthday party! Here's her cake!
 I sent a note home to the parents, and quite a few sent money so I could do all this! Awesome!

I combined ideas from THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS pin on Pinterest. Also, I got the free (awesome, right?) fonts from HERE and HERE...also from Pinterest. I am also a beneficiary of said free fonts. :)

See this girl here? (Don't mind the glittery thing covering her eye.) I adore her. She has taught 4 of my 5 kids in Kindergarten. Let me tell ya- It takes a special person to teach Kindergarten for 20+ years and still love every day. She is the sweetest, most loving, compassionate teacher. Perfect for my clingy, needy 5yr old. And after so many years of teaching, she really knows her stuff! I'm so thankful for all she does and has done for my kids. LOVE her.

There's no way I was going to let her get away without a birthday party!

I'll post more about the other things we did today during her party later...


Krista said...

Ok, so this does look wonderful, but really I'm thinking not everybody wants to pay so much. Seems to me to be a costly teachers gift. So I know you really like your teacher but how much was the whole "cake"? Cause the cost does matter in most cases. Cute Cute idea even for a person you know is a educator not just your kids teacher. At least that is what I'm thinking being a homeschooling mom. But as you know I have a friend that is a teacher.

fostera said...

I so agree! Mine's a little on the elaborate side. But I have an extra special love for this teacher for all she's done for my older 4 kids. I've seen these cakes made for around $15, though. I was able to spend quite a bit more on this one because many parents in the class provided the money for it. I personally spent $5 (plus a free massage I won but will never redeem from the What Women Want Expo). The cake's total cost (minus the massage) was $42. The Vanilla Coke (which is her FAVE) and the "name brand" glue sticks were the BIGGEST expenses. You can totally make it for less by omitting the pricey supplies. :) Miss you! Hope you guys are doing well!

Krista said...

Oh you are so much better than me at this stuff, thats why I follow your blog. Thats not bad at all $15 is a great price. We miss you too and we are doing great.

Happy Hodges said...

I absolutely LOVE this! I am a teacher candidate and would love to make this for my mentor teacher! Just one question, how did you get all of this to stay together? Did you hot glue it or what? Thanks!

Lucas said...

Yes, I was wondering how you got this all to stay together as well. Thank you.