Wednesday, March 30, 2011


*For the hard-core prankster*
Scary pranks
1. Let your significant other wake up to you wearing a scary mask, looking directly over them! You could also have a friend come to your house very early in the morning and climb into your bed next to your sleeping significant other. Your partner will wake up and see a "stranger's" face.

2. Ghostly Sounds- fill a cup to the brim with dried peas, and add water. Then place the cup on a metal tray, place the tray on top of a book, and hide it under the victim's bed. During the night, the peas will expand and slowly one by one fall onto the tray. Your victim will think it's a ghost tapping!

3. Baby monitor fun- Leave one under the couch (or where ever victim will be). Excuse yourself to use the bathroom. Speak into base to scare your victim! This works best if you happen to be watching an intense show/movie!
4. Remote Location- stand outside a window while the victim is watching television, and use a universal remote control to change channels, adjust the volume, etc.
5. Toothless- put a Tic Tac and some fake blood/strawberry jam/ ketchup in your mouth, pretend to trip and fall, and then spit your "tooth" out!

Magic trick/ science experiment pranks

1. Hold Up- tell your victim that you are going to show them a magic trick. Show them a plastic cup filled with water and ask them to give you a quarter. Place the quarter in the cup (note: the quarter is just to fool them into thinking it's a magic trick). Then climb on a chair and put the cup on the ceiling (with the rim touching the ceiling). Take a broom and put it on the bottom of the cup to hold it in place. Ask the victim to hold the broom for a minute while you climb down from the chair. Then grab the chair and leave the room...leaving them stuck with no way to get free.

2. Dirty quarter down the nose roll/funnel in the pants prank- before you begin, practice the following trick: place a coin on your head, hold your arms straight out to your sides, and drop the coin into a funnel that is inserted into the beltline of your pants. Once you can do this well, find the victim and tell him you learned a trick that is very difficult to master. Perform the trick. Most likely the victim will ask to try it themselves. Right before they drop the coin, take a glass of ice-cold water that you have placed nearby and pour it into the funnel.

3. Science Experiment- put a hunk of butter on a plate and let it soften. Then tell your victim that you learned an amazing science experiment in school: salt poured on butter will create heat. To demonstrate, pour some salt on the butter, hold your hand over, and pretend you are feeling the heat. As soon as they try it, slam their hand down in the butter. Bonus points if you hide all the napkins!

4. I just saw these on Steve Spangler and had to add them to my list. One prank with a water bottle, and another with plastic cups. Here's the video.

Click Here for more fun pranks!


Kacee said...

You are seriously the most creative lady I have ever met!! Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas! I am sure your kiddos just have so much fun!!

Sandra said...

Here's another great one for this category, I used to do it at parties all the time with red party cups. Fill a cup with water, (preferably one that could easily be misstated for being upside down) put a piece of paper over the top and carefully but quickly turn it over and set in on the counter, remove paper. They are surprised when they lift the cup.

Anonymous said...

This one is funny and will only work if the circumstances are right. For someone who wants to trick her husband/boyfriend that she is pregnant she can find a pregnant friend and have her pee on a pregnancy test and then show her significant other.

Unknown said...

Here is another take on the water cup on the ceiling. Tell some one that you heard that it is physically impossible to hold an egg from behind a door with only two fingers(or you could say - holding an egg without seeing it, with only two fingers. Then say I think you peeked, stand behind the door so I know you didn't peek). Have victim stand behind a door and place only two fingers through(promise them you won't shut door on fingers). Place egg (raw) in their two fingers. When they have it and are holding it say "That's amazing! you can do it." Then walk off and leave them. They can't reach around and grab the egg. Lol!

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