Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5-minute STAR ONESIE applique'

I bought this plain onesie at the dollar store.
By adding this quick and easy little applique', it's much cuter for VERY LITTLE COST!
Plus, it matches the rest of my baby gift since I used my other project's scraps.
Here's the tutorial- Click on pictures to enlarge.
 You can use this technique for MANY different uses!
I made these below for my kid's Christmas pajamas.
 I made a whoooole bunch of pajama pants (using my Black Friday flannel purchase).
Then I bought a shirt to match each pair (from the dollar store! A BUCK, people! Awesome!)
 Next, I used the above applique' technique,
 Only, I did a straight stitch around the shapes. If you don't atleast do that, they eventually come off in the wash. Though I believe a tight zig-zag (AKA applique' stitch) LOOKS better, a simple straight stitch holds up just fine. Can you imagine how much time this would've taken me to do a tight zig-zag around ALL SEVENTEEN PAIRS?
 They turned out great!
On this one, I appliqued the bottom flower, then I stacked smaller ones on top and attached in the center. A button would've been a perfect finishing touch, except my little girl has a tendency to bite them and tugs until they pop off. No more buttons for her.

Aren't they fun, though? All it takes it trying applique' once, and you'll be looking for all kinds of things to embellish! I absolutely LOVE it!

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