Friday, July 22, 2011

My $.97 Purse Reno

Note: Cute, yet shabby purse.
 Very shabby.
 I've used and loved it so much! I really didn't want get rid of it! It has the cutest matching wallet, too! And it's my favorite color!

I was at JoAnn's looking for a way to salvage it and found these wooden handles in the clearance bin. They were marked down to $3.97 (which I was thrilled with), but when I checked out, they ended up being only $.97!!! Score! I took them home and painted them to match!
 Cheap, acrylic paint. I mixed these three colors to get the perfect shade.
 I used the same paint, only a metalic brown to dab on the spot where the leather came off. 
 A little satin finish clear coat, and voila!
 My cute purse has been given a second life for $.97 plus a little paint I already had!
 I'm a happy girl again!


Krista said...

That is way cool and nice purse! You are so creative, I would have cried a little and DI'd it. But now your happy and husband is too. Love the color of that purse too!

Bybee's said...

Caitlin Lesko said...

that's great I have an orange bag that I LOVE LOVE LOVE , that's why is worn so badly. in need of similair repair. I will be on the hunt for handles and paint. THANKS