Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rain gutter shelves = THREAD storage...

I needed a place to store all my thread, but I didn't have the surface space for one of those fancy wooden holders. However, I had this narrow, empty wall space to the left of my window that was doing nothing. I got this idea after a couple of my friends shared a LINK with me to the tutorial for these SUPER EASY rain-gutter shelves.
I keep the ones I use most frequently on the bottom. The
middle shelf is for the frequently-used colors, and the top
is my sparcely-used and over-flow storage.
They are the PERFECT size for holding my thread! Originally, when I saw the pictures my friends shared, I thought they looked more complicated than I wanted to undertake for my little "sewing-room organization" project. But since I live minutes away from the hardware store, I thought I'd check it out.

Complicated? Nope, I was SO WRONG! These were so FAST & EASY! I had these home & on my walls within an hour of purchasing what I needed.
I think it looks pretty to arrange them in color order. I've
got the cool colors on the left side, and the warm colors
on the right.
I know, I know, I'm so OCD about some things!

Not only are they useful, they also add a touch of color to my room! Cute!

This probably wouldn't work very well if you're trying to store SPOOLS of thread. These shelves are deep enough to hide the bottom-third of a cone, so your spools would be completely hidden.

Which do you use?

I recently switched to cones. I used to think they were only for sergers.
Yes, I DO use them in my serger, but then I discovered this little thingy-

Maybe I'm oblivious, but I'll admitt that I didn't even know this little cone thread holder even existed until I was working at JoAnn's. Now, I'm totally HOOKED. Cone thread is generally about the same cost (sometimes even less) than a spool of thread, but you get much, MUCH more for your money.

And it works great with your sewing machine!

How do you store your thread? I'm always interested in cool new storage ideas that can help me get more organized! Heaven knows, I need it!


gbagley74 said...

This is neat! I like your sewing area, I'm going to need a new table now to do this so I'm going to try it! I used to sew in the kitchen but that is getting too hard. So this is a great organizing idea for my upstairs.

krista said...

Where would you get the sewing little thingy that is great for cones? Thanks:)

Jerri Neddermeyer said...

I love this idea, but I would probably us it instead of one of those spendy ribbon set ups.....nice! I don't use cones now, but I might have to start! Thanks for sharing the tip.

Thanks for the blog visit and comment love! It made my day!