Friday, January 28, 2011

Make a marbled fondant rose without any special tools!

Fondant Rose (no tools needed)
If you enjoyed play-dough as a kid, you'll LOVE making these super simple marbled fondant roses!

Here it is, a marbled fondant rose with tootsie roll leaves.
These flowers make a beautiful addition to ANY cake!

Here's a variation on the regular frosted cupcake. This is so much fun to do! If you enjoyed play dough as a kid, you'll love this! It's so simple, and NO TOOLS are needed! First, try this awesome marshmallow fondant recipe. It's yummy & works really well. One tip is to keep the un-used portion covered. If it starts to get hard, stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time until it's soft again.

Start with your flower base by rolling a piece of fondant to
 make the center. Add one pedal at a time,
overlapping each by about an inch.

Continue until your rose has reached your desired size. I
like to thin out the pedal tips and gently fold them over for
a more life-like look. Add a couple of leaves, and you are
done! Here's a fondant rose video that may be helpful to
you! It goes into more detail than I did. If you'd like to
marble your fondant like I did, here's a video on how to
do that, as well.

Here it is, a marbled fondant rose with tootsie roll leaves.
 These flowers make a beautiful addition to ANY cake!

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