About this Blog

We all feel the need to create in some way. We get such a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from doing a project with our own two hands. It's theraputic and promotes a better state of well-being and balance to our crazy, hectic lives. My goal with this blog is to share my inventive, simple-to-follow ideas to help others out there unlock their (sometimes hidden) creative capabilities! I'm a huge do-it-yourself-er. My background includes working as a floral designer, craft designer, cake decorator, display manager, and craft designer. I'm also a busy mother of 5, choffeur, home budget-cruncher, and household CEO who struggles to find time for me. Most of these craft ideas/techniques are quick, easy, and inexpensive. I'm also big on upcycling and repurposing existing items we may have around the house to create something even better. It's a very economical way to craft. You can have a beautifully decorated home, make fun & creative things, and enjoy awesome family activities at VERY low cost. Follow my blog and I'll show you how!
*Bear with me! This newborn blog made it's first debute on January 21, 2011. It's brand new & I have SO MUCH MORE TO SHARE! :)